A NEW PARADIGM: visions, dynamics and challenges of young architects

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C. de la Ciutat de Granada, 142, 08018 Barcelona


Thu 27 Apr · 19:30 - 21:00
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Who designs the city of the future? Under what conditions? What are the new benchmarks? “A new paradigm” is a conference which deals with the new reality and the future challenges of the new generations. The event will take place inside a large wind igloo (ephemeral pavilion made from a recycled hot air balloon).

In a context of the changing figure of the architect and one which is marked by climatic, social and economic emergencies, the profession of young people in architecture, design and urban planning is evolving towards new horizons with changing obstacles.

Who are the people who will design the future? Architects and urban planners designed the city of the last century, but society, the city and the profession have evolved. The paradigm of the architect as a single voice in the development of urban spaces has been broken and new optics and more collaborative systems have been incorporated with the intervention of many more areas of society. The Agrupació de Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya (AJAC) wants to reflect and debate these changes. Where are we going? What are the new benchmarks? What values define the new generations of architects? What sets us apart from past generations? Does a common collectivity exist? What is the state of health of the working conditions? What difficulties for survival do we share? Is there a fractalization of professional sides?

A group of young architects will moderate the debate, which will feature several guest speakers. The event is organised by the Agrupació de Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya (AJAC), which promotes activities to stimulate and make visible the collective of young architects in Catalonia’s professional and cultural field.



  • AJAC Agrupació de Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya


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