Model books

Llibres Model is a curated pop-up book fair which brings together a selection of new and established publishers pushing the boundaries of architecture, philosophy and critical thinking. It can be defined as a meeting point through a selection of books that promote and disseminate works and ideas in the field of architecture. At the same time, Llibres Model is a book fair and an open library, where books can be found at one of the main facilities developed for the festival, so that everyone who passes through is able to consult, sit down at the installation, read—alone or in groups—and reflect on what the selected books propose is and call them into question.

Llibres Model establishes a partnership with a group of architecture bookshops around the city which gave a new dimension to the concept of 'book fair,’ enhancing the relationship between the festival and the booksellers, and motivating the festival participants and the public in general, to visit the network of bookshops with the goal of enhancing the city's bookstores and reading spaces as well as giving visibility to architecture books.

Books have been an essential tool for understanding the world we inhabit in its wider context. The words we use, along with the many languages in which we communicate, create a framework where the past, present and possible futures collide. In the architecture field, publishing has always been an important part of practice as a means to reflect how architecture adapts to a world in a constant flux. To give an extended lifespan to the publishing efforts and critical work of all the invited authors and publishers that were part of the first edition of Llibres Model, the collected set of books has been donated to the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) library. We propose to keep on collecting the selected books of this new edition of Llibres Model, aiming to create a special collection that will be the theoretical framework of the different editions of Model, Barcelona Architectures Festival.

Additionally, this second edition of the Festival (from 20 to 30 April 2023) coincides with Sant Jordi or St. George's Day (23 April 2023), a festive occasion that, over the years, has become a celebration of Catalan culture represented by books and roses. For that reason, we are organizing Model Books. The International Architecture Book Fair at Mercat dels Encants, the most important and oldest antiques and second-hand market in Barcelona and one of the oldest fairs in Europe. Located towards the south of Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, under a mirroring structure designed by b720 architects, the project was built to improve the conditions of the traders and to increase the capacity of visitors.

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