Architecture and film have consistently gone hand in hand, converging in notions of space, scenography, lighting and depth of field. The composition of shots and the visualisation of their shapes unite in these two seemingly separate disciplines. Model. Architectures Festival and the BARQ - Barcelona International Festival take on this connection and present the second edition of the only competitive international architecture film festival in the Spanish state. The BARQ Festival programme brings together various feature length and short films from around the world which are based around architecture. The featured pieces possess great filmic quality, have never been shown in our country and are of interest to all audiences.

Completed activities

BARQ Inauguració


Film Inauguració del BARQ Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Arquitectura de Barcelona 2022 amb el documental "Building Bastille". Més informació

Film In the Auditori of the Fundació Joan Miró, within the BARQ Festival, on May 13, the results of the ETSAB and Elisava “Architecture and Cinema” Workshop will be presented, with the screening of short films and debate.  The work has focused on the urban and political project Canódromo Meridiana, the Sala Beckett and the Polígono Montbau, in the PASOLINI ’22 PROJECT. Més informació

Film The documentary "BCN-BXL. Coderch-de Koninck. Beyond time", by Morrosko Vila-San-Juan establishes a dialogue between the rationalist architecture of the Belgian Louis Herman de Koninck and that of the Barcelonan José Antonio Coderch. This documentary by Morrosko Villa-San-Juan offers the context through various films and interviews with architects (such as the Belgian Bruno Erpicum and the Spanish Óscar Tusquets) and several owners of some of the Coderch houses who tell us the history and the experience of living in an iconic house.  Més informació