The festival also presents ‘Model Voices’, a collection of podcasts recorded in an immersive format, in the shape of audio guides, which can be heard via open platforms. These podcasts encourage us to visit the festival by following the Ciutat Vella ring-road circuit, in order to discover all of Model’s installations and activities, by listening to the voices of various Barcelona residents. Barcelona Architectures Festival. In total, a 7-kilometre walk that enables us to enjoy the whole festival, starting at Plaça de Catalunya, passing through Plaça de la Universitat, Ronda de Sant Antoni, Ronda de Sant Pau, Avinguda del Paral·lel, Avinguda de les Drassanes, Passeig de Colom, Passeig de Joan Carner, Passeig d’Isabel II, Passeig de Picasso, Passeig de Lluís Companys, Arc de Triomf, Ronda de Sant Pere and then back to Plaça de Catalunya. In addition to this experience, in the program you will find a whole range of routes to discover the architecture and the urban environment from new perspectives.

Completed activities

Itineraries This walk takes place under the guidance of architects and urban planners who occupy, or have occupied, important posts in the city’s construction. They explain Barcelona's urban history in detail, including the panot (paving stone) design, the reason for the ring roads, the opportunity provided by superblocks and future possibilities. With Vicente Guallart, Josep Bohigas and Aurora López. Més informació

VEUS MODEL: 0.1 Neighbours


Itineraries This walk is designed to bring the voices of local residents from the ring roads to Model visitors, without any need for walking.  With the voices of: Project developed by: Eva Franch i Gilabert, Nora Haddad and José Luis de Vicente, with the support of Núria Bayo and Eudald Espluga.  Més informació

Itineraries This walk is developed via a conversation between the architect and historian Patricia Tamayo and Antoni Vilanova, president of the Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage Group (AADIPA). Més informació