Between Classes

The stark inequalities in contemporary cities are leaving a large, visible mark on their maps, segmenting them and creating chasms of every kind. A person’s life expectancy and possibilities for prospering continue to be decisively shaped by the particular Barcelona neighbourhood they are born in. Architecture and urban planning need to serve, above all, as a counterweight to the class gap.

Permanently threatened by the predatory logic of speculation, the right to decent and accessible housing continues to be one of the most pressing needs facing architecture and urban policies today. But there are many others as well: the right to education, culture, participation and access to a whole host of opportunities that enable each citizen to imagine and choose their path. What can architecture do to produce more egalitarian and accessible spaces?

Completed activities

Landlord Open House


Augmented reality During Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival we will see Paral·lel in another light thanks to the work of Farzin Lotfi- Jam, Júlia Nueno Guitart and Austin McInnis. “Valor del sòl” [Value of Land] is an artistic augmented-reality project that shows us, and makes us aware of, the value of land in our city. On Avinguda del Paral·lel, city residents will be able to observe those hidden property structures that govern peoples chances of obtaining a home in Barcelona. How is the city separated into economic classes and strata? Will it continue to be like this in the future? Can we coexist in a city that is for everyone? Més informació

VEUS MODEL: 0.1 Neighbours


Itineraries This walk is designed to bring the voices of local residents from the ring roads to Model visitors, without any need for walking.  With the voices of: Project developed by: Eva Franch i Gilabert, Nora Haddad and José Luis de Vicente, with the support of Núria Bayo and Eudald Espluga.  Més informació

Reversing the pyramid

On Plaça d'Idrissa Diallo

Installations NOTICE: On Tuesday 10th May, the installation will open at 12.30 h. Sorry for the inconvenience. We change the vision and meaning of the information panel in Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo, a panel which has helped underline the superiority, hierarchy and the power of an individual figure. We reverse this class pyramid, erecting a public and collective space for all above the information panel. We transform this into a space to inhabit together, a shelter, a viewing point, a forum... A place for reflecting, engaging with others and seeing the city and the sea from another perspective. With this installation we seek to foster the re-use of public spaces and unused urban structures so that people become more aware of where they live. A space for gathering, debating, taking a look at ourselves and creating community among classes. Més informació