Between Cultures

The city is the shared space for various cultures and therefore the setting for constant shock between the various views of each of the people living there on what the city ought to be like. So, everything urban needs to include not just celebrations and festivals but also peace and quiet. Being able to incorporate every newcomer and each of their histories and tradition, we also need to preserve a sense of shared identity and memory.

The city’s transformation is cultural above all, where we review errors of the past and incorporate new convictions on what is truly essential and what will improve our lives. Transforming the culture of 20th-century cars and proposing a new kind of mobility that is equally efficient is not something that is going to happen immediately and with ease. Reviewing the relationship between what is urban and what is rural in the 21st century is maybe not so obvious; nor is what a diverse and multicultural public space means. Even so, architecture in a city such as Barcelona in the 21st century requires new proposals from us that can help us to understand this complexity and turn it into a space that goes beyond the sum of its parts.

Completed activities

Exhibitions Want to see a photo exhibition that promises to be spectacular? At the headquarters of the "Agrupació Fotogràfica de Catalunya" you can enjoy the exhibition “MDD-BCN The Architectural Match” by the photographer and architect “Ei POiNT”. You will be able to see 39 photographs captured with large format and high quality cameras on display. Més informació

Exhibitions Since 1988, the network of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award has reported on the ground and highlighted the works of architecture that have the greatest impact on our ways of life. This exhibition shows a selection of an important group of projects from these two cities. Models, photographs, texts and audiovisual materials tell the particular stories of these architectures that build places for social interaction. Més informació

Urban Kitchen

On Plaça Catalunya

Installations Model. The Barcelona Architectures Festival seeks to turn Plaça de Catalunya into a shared space between cultures, a scenario of constant clashes between the different visions of each inhabitant about what the city should be like. To that end, MAIO has come up with an installation where a kitchen stands in the centre of Plaça de Catalunya and activates culinary episodes for everybody who occupies the space, creating an encounter between cultures. This is a chance to discuss new models linked to food, the city, climate impact and social justice. With the participation of Cooking Sections, the “Aprofitem els Aliments” Platform and “Menjadors Populars” from Lima. Més informació