Between Species

In a world that needs to get past its view of human beings as the centre of everything, the city can no longer take just the interests of people into account. Our health as citizens depends on the trees that clean the air we breathe and on the vitality of our microbiome. Our quality of life is directly related to that of the birds nesting in our environment. Every city today is an ecosystem with delicate balances and a multi-species community.

The Covid-19 crisis has made us all the more aware that the destiny of humans is intertwined with that of all the other species on the planet. The double threat to the planet from the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis obliges us today to think of urban planning from new paradigms that reconcile the well-being of humans with that of our neighbouring species in the city. And even, of course, to carry out architectural projects to meet the needs of non-human inhabitants in the city.

Completed activities

‘Arca de convivència’ (mobile platform)

On Llosa de Sant Antoni

Installations Moving through the degraded space left by the old temporary market of Sant Antoni, a mobile platform presents a multitude of trees, plants, shrubs and insects. This ‘arca de convivència’ is a reminder of the urgent need to create public spaces that will help to reverse the effects of global warming, and stimulate biodiversity. Over the days of the festival, this procession will make its way along the Llosa de Sant Antoni, inviting users onto the platform to take part in different activities such as tastings, courses and workshops. The platform is an element for celebrating a future between species from different climates, altitudes, structures and landscapes around the world, where plants, birds, insects and humans are to be found. Més informació

Colon-ising Port


Augmented reality The ON-A architecture studio proposes transforming the Columbus monument at Port Vell into an enormous tree that will be a symbol of access from La Rambla to a new imaginary park: the Parc Blau. Transforming a historical monument that exists merely to be observed, and that speaks to us of a colonisation that took place in another era brings a new “Colon-isation” [Columbus in Spanish is Colón]. We can observe the Arbre Colon-itzador [Colon-ising Tree], a symbol of the ports openness towards the city, something full of biodiversity that everyone can enjoy and visit. Més informació

Let's build little insect hotels!


Visits, Workshops Discover what insect hotels are and the guests who stay in them - will you be able to find more insects in the park's medicinal plant garden? You can even take home your own little hotel, made from reused material! Més informació