Between Generations

Designing and building ‘a city for everyone’ is only possible if we include every kind of citizen: young people, adults, the elderly, children and anyone who does not identify with the values of any generational label. Our public space is where the needs of each generation converge and such forms of friction give rise not only to conflicts but also to opportunities for positive community life. Besides the generational differences, how can we imagine forms of architecture for mutual care?

From the climate crisis to the biodiversity crisis, the Anthropocene’s conflicts are forcing us to think about the long term, bearing in mind the interests of future generations. The city is the long-term artefact par excellence: we’re building it today for future generations to inherit. What vision of the city needs to be promoted if we understand it as an agreement between generations?

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Beyond Clotet

From 02/05/2022 to 31/05/2023

Debates Beyond Clotet is a series of videos of 4 minutes each one on the work of Lluis Clotet   Més informació