Architecture Festivities

As part of the Model. Architectures Festival, the Barcelona section of the COAC is holding ten architecture festivals, one for each of the city’s districts. The festivals are being organised by various local groups of architects from Barcelona, in conjunction with bodies such as local residents’ associations, universities, architects’ studios and different schools in each neighbourhood. These architecture festivals will provide spaces for meeting and debate, the main aim of which is to make the case for an iconic space or building in each district, with guided tours, talks, concerts, workshops and other activities to be organised around it. Most of all, the idea is to emphasise the profession of the architect and its social function, always geared towards serving the public.

Completed activities

Architecture festivals​ On Friday afternoon, 6th of May, in the Sants-Montjuïc Architectural Festival, we "Re-Cover the Passeig de la Zona Franca for the neighborhood". Along with music and literature, we will take a walk through this trade axis, enjoying posters' exposure to parking machines that bring us closer to the challenges of the neighborhood, claiming the value of the proximity trade and its role of cohesion in everyday life. Més informació

Eixample Architectural Festival


Architecture festivals​ On Saturday morning, 7th May, we "RE-Discover the site of the Industrial School" with the Eixample Architecture Festival. Inside the Paranimf of the Industrial School, barely rehabilitated in 2020 by the Barcelona Provincial Council, we will enter the roots of this set, as well as the future challenges of the industry. As the architect Rafael Guastavino innovated with the construction of the Volta Catalan a century ago, Catalan architects continue to carry ceramics to their structural and artistic limits that continue to break all borders, come to "build". Més informació

Architecture festivals​ In the afternoon we "RE-Nature the environments of Can Valent" in the Nou Barris Architecture Festival doing workshops to value the story and anecdotes that hides this famous farmhouse. Més informació