Looking to 2026 and Guest city

Barcelona has been chosen as the 2026 World Capital of Architecture for its historical heritage and for the urban-planning and architectural transformation it has undergone over the last few years for taking on the climate emergency and meeting the new needs of its citizens.

This 2026 world capital status will be an act of homage to the Barcelona of the past, to the architecture that has made us who we are, although it will also be an opportunity for imagining what the future of architecture and our city will be like.

Set on encouraging dialogue in the international arena on the needs, problems and desires facing cities around the world today, this first edition of Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival’s guest city is Copenhagen, the 2023 World Capital of Architecture.

There will be several celebrities part at the DHUB on 11 May, hailing from Copenhagen and other cities around the world, including representatives from the 2019 World Capital of Architecture, Rio de Janeiro. They will be talking to us about the various roles of cities in the 21st century and of architecture and urban planning in contemporary society.

This international session will feature the presentation of a manifesto being drafted, the Barcelona Protocol, which will frame the path towards capitality with a series of goals and aspirations for a green and sustainable Barcelona adapted to environmental, health and social, present-day and future transformations.