Model Values

The cornerstone of the first edition of Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival will be the notion of re-creating.

Given the context of the planet’s emergency, where concepts such as Anthropocene and Capitalocene highlight the role of human action in the transformation of ecosystems, the idea of growth has been put into question. It is a notion challenged not just by perspectives advocating a degrowth approach – and questioning a capitalist model based on constant growth – but also by others opting for an expansion of human action so that growth remains possible – by exploring new ways of obtaining resources, both on our planet and on others, through technological innovation. 

Contrary to what we are used to believing, these various perspectives are not ideologically polarised: opposition to growth can lead to people adopting reactionary positions, whereas defending alternative ways of growth can be at the service of an idea of social justice. But precisely because architecture cannot escape these debates, given that it is positioning itself by action or mission, Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival advocates reflection and commitment at the same time. So all the activities involved in it will adopt a range of values on which to discuss, build and experience the new urban imaginaries.