Plaça d'Idrissa Diallo

Plaça Reial

A recently renamed square which epitomised the city’s colonial legacy in a highly controversial way becomes the scene for one of the first exercises in reassigning symbolic meaning as part of the city’s de-colonisation policies. What would happen if we used a now-empty information panel as an opportunity to imprint the urban fabric with the mark left by different forms of domination and exploitation? A space between classes, the boundary between two Barcelona neighbourhoods, an accumulation of symbols and unused infrastructures.

Completed activities

Reversing the pyramid

On Plaça d'Idrissa Diallo

Installations NOTICE: On Tuesday 10th May, the installation will open at 12.30 h. Sorry for the inconvenience. We change the vision and meaning of the information panel in Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo, a panel which has helped underline the superiority, hierarchy and the power of an individual figure. We reverse this class pyramid, erecting a public and collective space for all above the information panel. We transform this into a space to inhabit together, a shelter, a viewing point, a forum... A place for reflecting, engaging with others and seeing the city and the sea from another perspective. With this installation we seek to foster the re-use of public spaces and unused urban structures so that people become more aware of where they live. A space for gathering, debating, taking a look at ourselves and creating community among classes. Més informació

Model Times. Idrissa Diallo with Ojo Estudio

On Plaça d'Idrissa Diallo

Debates Model Time brings informal discussions to the venues for the Festival’s temporary architecture installations. Barcelona Architectures Festival. Model Time is coming to the installation “Inverting the Pyramid” in Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo, to talk to the architects from Ojo Estudio, accompanied by a representative of Levenet, about the secrets of this installation, how it was built, what it means and what its objective is, among many other topics. Més informació