With Model, Barcelona Architectures Festival, the city’s streets are turned into a laboratory for architectural experimentation, via five temporary architecture installations located in this first edition’s festival circuit around the Ciutat Vella ring roads: Plaça de Catalunya, the pedestrian area in Sant Antoni, Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo, Passeig de Lluís Companys and Plaça Reial.These installations in public spaces explore the five main themes of this festival’s first edition, each rooted in a city location: Between Classes, Between Cultures, Between Species, Between Generations and Between Materials. The aim of these installations is to transform the urban space into an experimental platform where emerging architectural and design talent can build spaces and devices that help to imagine and discuss the shape of the Barcelona to come.

Completed activities

Installations Visita virtual al Dipòsit de regulació d’aigües pluvials del Parc de Joan Miró Més informació

Chronotropic memory

On Passeig de Lluís Companys

Installations The FLEXO studio has established its Memòria cronotròpica [Chronotropic memory] installation on land belonging to Barcelona’s old courthouse, on part of its remains. This is a full-scale construction and juxtaposition of architectural forms that vanished between the 7th century and 2017 on these city coordinates; from the medieval necropolis to the courthouse building, not to mention the Jardins de la Fusina and the Palau de Belles Arts with its famous three manual electric organ, the most important in Europe at the time. Is it possible to assess permanence and replanning in the face of architectural demolitions? What other programmes could the Palau de Belles Arts or the old courthouse offer today? It is possible for demolitions to be arranged in such a way that their demolished materials can be reused? Would it be possible for the city’s empty land sites to be temporarily activated? Més informació

‘Arca de convivència’ (mobile platform)

On Llosa de Sant Antoni

Installations Moving through the degraded space left by the old temporary market of Sant Antoni, a mobile platform presents a multitude of trees, plants, shrubs and insects. This ‘arca de convivència’ is a reminder of the urgent need to create public spaces that will help to reverse the effects of global warming, and stimulate biodiversity. Over the days of the festival, this procession will make its way along the Llosa de Sant Antoni, inviting users onto the platform to take part in different activities such as tastings, courses and workshops. The platform is an element for celebrating a future between species from different climates, altitudes, structures and landscapes around the world, where plants, birds, insects and humans are to be found. Més informació