Llosa de Sant Antoni

Plaça Reial

An empty space left over from work on the provisional Sant Antoni market which, prior to traffic returning there – or to prevent its return there – offers an opportunity for regeneration, through instantaneous renaturation. Can we imagine a temporary forest that opens an urban ecosystem in the centre of a section in Ciutat Vella, offering various opportunities for creating modes of co-habitation between the city’s residents and non-human inhabitants there which represent recognition of our links of inter-dependence? The relationship with the Mercat de Sant Antoni’s own space, with the Sant Antoni superblock and the block interior of the Biblioteca Sant Antoni - Joan Oliver likewise enables an exploration of the vocabulary of the new green spaces, which are no longer seen as recreational spaces but as infrastructures for urban health and intersection and friction spaces between species.

Completed activities

‘Arca de convivència’ (mobile platform)

On Llosa de Sant Antoni

Installations Moving through the degraded space left by the old temporary market of Sant Antoni, a mobile platform presents a multitude of trees, plants, shrubs and insects. This ‘arca de convivència’ is a reminder of the urgent need to create public spaces that will help to reverse the effects of global warming, and stimulate biodiversity. Over the days of the festival, this procession will make its way along the Llosa de Sant Antoni, inviting users onto the platform to take part in different activities such as tastings, courses and workshops. The platform is an element for celebrating a future between species from different climates, altitudes, structures and landscapes around the world, where plants, birds, insects and humans are to be found. Més informació