Plaça Catalunya

Plaça Reial

Barcelona’s intersection par excellence is not meant for any specific community but rather a meeting point for all communities. From residents of every culture to tourists from every destination, from passers-by taking a rest there to people meeting up there to continue on their way, and all those crossing it from and to any direction. And including the pigeons, its local, daily inhabitants. To speak of tensions, gatherings and inter-cultural spaces in the 21st-century city is to set up these intersectional spaces which enable visibility to be brought to this public space in all its complexity, juxtapositions and friction.

Completed activities

Urban Kitchen

On Plaça Catalunya

Installations Model. The Barcelona Architectures Festival seeks to turn Plaça de Catalunya into a shared space between cultures, a scenario of constant clashes between the different visions of each inhabitant about what the city should be like. To that end, MAIO has come up with an installation where a kitchen stands in the centre of Plaça de Catalunya and activates culinary episodes for everybody who occupies the space, creating an encounter between cultures. This is a chance to discuss new models linked to food, the city, climate impact and social justice. With the participation of Cooking Sections, the “Aprofitem els Aliments” Platform and “Menjadors Populars” from Lima. Més informació

Opening dinner

On Plaça Catalunya

Installations MAIO presents "Urban Kitchen", one of the five ephemeral installations of the program. Later on, the urban kitchen will be taken over by the group Cooking Sections, who will provide mussel-based meals and invite you to think about how these animals can act as filters to purify the waters of the Mediterranean and the opportunity to use food waste as a building material in a post-concrete world.   Més informació

Installations The PAA (Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments) will organize a dinner based on the use of recovered food which has been left out of the commercial circuit. Més informació